5 Reasons You Need to Wear Sunscreen Every Day

Even if you’re working from home!

As we pack away our summer wardrobe and bundle up for incoming winter weather, it can be tempting to slack off on our daily sunscreen routine. But did you know damaging sun rays are just as powerful in the winter? Slathering on a lightweight sunscreen should be a year-round preventive health care habit, even if you’re not at the beach.

Still not convinced you need to wear sunscreen every day? We’ve rounded up five reasons you need to make sunscreen a daily skincare staple.

1. Your skin needs protection indoors.

No, working from home doesn’t mean you can skip SPF! Harmful UVA rays can pass through windows and damage your skin, so make sure you slap on some of our sheer Sunscreen-Meets-Serum before your next Zoom meeting. Use it as a base to your makeup-no-makeup look.


Face Sunscreen, $28

2. Sunscreen protects your skin against damaging rays.

Whether you burn after basking poolside for only 20 minutes or have never felt the pain of a tomato-red sunburn, sunscreen is a must. But products that don’t easily blend into your skin are a drag. That’s why we created Solid & Stripe’s SPF-30 Face Sunscreen-Meets-Serum to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. Known for its lightweight formula, our sunscreen has a natural tint that leaves behind no white-cast by seamlessly blending into your skin tone.

Don’t forget to protect the delicate skin on your lips either. Toss the moisturizing Sun Balm from Solid & Striped into your purse for protection on-the-go.


Sun Balm, $14

3. Slathering up with SPF can prevent wrinkles and aging.

The secret to staying forever young? Our modern face sunscreen that has a barely-there, sheer, weightless texture. It goes on like a serum and protects like a full-bodied sunscreen. Every time you’re tempted to skip this step in your routine, remember how good you’ll look in 20 years. Don’t wrinkle; wear sunscreen.


Face Sunscreen, $28

4. Wearing sunscreen lowers your skin cancer risk.

On top of reducing your chances of developing premature wrinkles, wearing sunscreen cuts your risk of getting skin cancer by almost 50 percent, according to The Skin Cancer Foundation. Protect your face, body and the ocean with our coral-reef safe All-Over Broad Spectrum SPF-30 sunscreen. Its white-cast-less, water-resistant formula is made to keep up with you on your next vacation — or in the meantime, on your next walk.


All-Over Sunscreen 3oz, $18

All-Over Sunscreen 8oz, $28

5. Sunscreen can prevent skin discoloration.

Goodbye dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Hello flawless, healthy skin. Sunscreen not only prevents pesky acne scars from becoming dark spots, but it also wards off brown spots that develop with age. Our Face Sunscreen-Meets-Serum is the perfect choice because its lightweight consistency isn’t oily and feels like it’s barely there.


Face Sunscreen, $28