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How does the Try At Home program work? 

Your trial begins when your items are delivered. We'll authorize your card at checkout- which does set aside funds for the full amount of the order - but you won't be charged until after the end of your trial. 


Don't love it? Send any items you don't want back to us. From there, the authorization on your account will be released within a few business days (bank processing time), and you'll only be charged for what you keep. 


Credit cards and debit cards are currently eligible for this program. Gift cards not accepted. 


Was my card charged when I placed the order?


We validate your card through an authorization for full amount of the order. You'll see a pending authorization on your statement, but rest assured that's not a charge. We'll only charge your card for the items you decide to keep at the end of your trial period. 


We periodically revalidate your card throughout your trial. In these instances, you will see your original authorization disappear, replaced with a new pending charge. Some banks take a few business days to drop the original authorization, so you may see two pending charges for a day or two. Rest assured we will only charge you for the items you keep after you've had a chance to try them. 


Note that we will charge your card before the end of your trial if we are unable to maintain the authorization (if the financial institution declines the hold or due to insufficient funds). 


What's an authorization?


Authorizations are what we use to confirm your ability to pay for items if you choose to keep them. They appear on your statement as pending charges. Similar to when a hotel puts a hold on your credit card, we release the funds after checkout and only charge you for the items you kept. 


When does the trial period begin?


We track when the package was delivered to your house, which starts the trial period. You have until the end of your trial period to postmark returns.  


How do you know not to charge my card for the items I'm returning? 


We provide an ample amount of time for any returns to arrive at our warehouse before charging your card. Once the items are returned, we inspect and update your order status so you will not be charged. 


Be sure to review the return policy for item condition requirements. If we determine items are not in resellable condition, you will be charged. 


What if I decided to keep the items but then want to initiate a return after the end of my trial? 


No problem! Our regular return policy is still in effect. 

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